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Hair Clip Trend: Have You Jumped On It?

Hair clips have been pretty popular for a while now and while the celebs have been spotted in 2017 wearing them, the trend is now truly here for the rest of us! There are so many options to choose from these days with pearl clips and marbled resin designs being the top 2, but here are a few pictures to inspire you to be a bit bolder and maybe hop on the wagon if you haven't!


The Solo

Perfect for three very real situations: 1) you haven't washed your hair for the 4th day (we are not judging), 2) you woke up late binging Netflix and literally only have 5 minutes to get to work, 3) you are a Mum who is tired of the Mum-bun. #truth

The Bun

Speaking of Mum-buns, this so isn't one. Another reason why we are obsessed with large gold clips because you can put them anywhere on your head and look super put together!

The Adventurer

Feeling bold and going somewhere? Try layering a bunch of smaller cute clips together and you'll look fresh out of the magazine. We love smaller flowers, basic barrettes and maybe a pearl one to go with.

The Statement

Perfect for longer and thicker hair, these extra large clips make a huge statement. We stock these in gold and rose gold - in both matte and shiny! If you are not into pearls and think bling might be too much, these ultra modern understated clips are for you.

The Runway

We don't really recommend this when you are actually going out but how cool does this look for a selfie, huh?

Hop on the #haircliptrend wagon, we promise its going to be here a while and you won't regret it!

XOXO, The Kiiton Store Team