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10 Ways To Wear THAT Gucci Belt Everyone Wants

The famous Gucci Belt is making rounds all over the Internet and with good reason too: it seems to be able to be worn with any outfit and each one made so different because of it! It's obviously a huge purchase so here are 10 ways you can maximise its potential because #letsbehonest for most of us, we'll need to wear it possibly every day for the next 2 years to make it worth the dollars. 


The basic wintery outfit with thigh high boots. Bonus points for pairing with a very trendy camel scarve.

Gorgeous Mum of 2 @misskyreeloves surprised us all by glamming up her sheer chiffon dress using the belt to created a waistline - so important in a maxi dress!

Neutral casual cool - its all in the *details* with this outfit.

On a summer European holiday? This outfit will take your holiday snaps to the next level.

If you're into all black and faux fur, again, the Gucci Belt makes the outfit here!

Not everyone can or will be bold enough to pull this off but this outfit is amazing! We love the gold tones with blush and metallic teal.. GENIUS.

Celeb spot: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley proves you can wear Mom jeans with the belt and still look glamorous as ever. Maybe its her, maybe its the belt?

We love these sheer embezzled top and we love it even more paired with jeans and a pretty belt. Easy night out outfit.

Did you know they made the Gucci Belt in many different sizes? This one's a slimmer version that looks great in an all back skinny jeans kind of outfit.

Leather skirts are something that kind of goes in and out of trend but never goes away. Switching it up with a thick belt helps conceal a food baby that the smooth skirt can call attention to!

Now we're convinced this belt is like black leggings - it goes with anything and every girl should own one!

Do you own one? Or want one? Tag us on Instagram #kiitonstore so we can either be jealous of you or moan with you about how we can only afford the $15 two circles version. 

XOXO, The Kiiton Store Team